High-pressure drums

Modern production systems and a high degree of mechanisation enable us to manufacture high-pressure boiler drums of unusually high quality.

The high precision of our manufacturing produces visible results:

  • Low ovality of 0.3 to max. 0.5 per cent 
  • Tolerance values are even better than those specified in production standards
    (Extended plant operational life)

Manufacturing range/in-house production:

  • Rolling the boiler shells
  • Longitudinal and circumferential seam welding
  • Connectors welded on
  • Components welded on and built in
  • Boiler supports
  • Non-destructive and mechanical tests
  • Heat treatment
  • Pressure testing
  • Surface treatment

More than 1,000 high-pressure boiler drums supplied are ample proof of our skills.

STABO Projects for the World Market

For a project in Singapore STABO supplied nine high-pressure boiler drums measuring 1,700 mm Ø x 60 wall thickness x 13,100 mm cylindrical length and made of 15NiCuMoNb5-6-4 material in accordancewith AD 2000.

  • Design pressure: 142 bar
  • Design temperature: 340 °C
  • Weight: 42.200 kg.

STABO performed all of the engineering work including design calculation, drawings and documentation.

For a project in Uruguay STABO supplied a high-pressure boiler drum measuring 2,049 mm Ø x 119 wall thickness x 16,000 mm cylindrical lengthmade of SA302 Gr.B material in accordance with ASME I including S-stamp.

  • Design pressure / temperature: 124 bar / 328 °C
  • Weight: 111.573 kg.

To allow for the high degree of deformation the shells were hot-formed and normalised.

Again STABO provided the complete range of support services for this project.