Components for Mechanical & Plant Engineering

STABO has a wealth of experience gathered in a great number of customer projects and making an extensive range of machinery and plant components that are part of the company’s extensive production and supply range.

Cladding through submerged arc welding

  • Reliable protection of the carrier material surface from corrosion
  • In mostly highly alloyed bands of 60 x 0.5 mm or
    30 x 0.5 mm submerged arc welding
  • At STABO's own facilities and using their own procedure qualification tests

Automatic tube welding

  • Gap-free automatic tube welding on the shell side
    (when crevice corrosion hazard exists)
  • Rear wall automatic tube welding (through the tube plate) using fully mechanised WIG welding process
  • Tube dimensions from 33.7 to 70 mm

STABO Manufacturing and Supply Range

  • Medium- and low-pressure drums
  • Longitudinally and circumferentially welded shells
  • Longitudinally welded nozzle tubes
  • Heat exchanger shells
  • Casings for fluid flow machines
  • Hot forming of shells
  • Cladding through deposit welding
  • Dressing of plates and rounds
  • Rolling of segment parts

High-pressure Components for Plant Engineering

major part of our production facilities is dedicated to manufacturing high-pressure plant components.
We can demonstrate our ability in this field with numerous reference projects.